What is Pilates ?

Pilates is an exercise regime invented by German fitness expert Joseph Pilates in the 1920’s. It is a full body conditioning workout that works on muscle strength, length and endurance. The repertoire of exercises are adapted to your strength and intensifies as your body conditioning improves. It focuses on alignment and strengthening the deep core muscles of the abdominals, hips, back, buttocks & legs.

Joseph Pilates believed a flexible spine, strong trunk and system wide integrated strength training will strengthen your muscles and enable one to gain control of your body – integrating mind, body and spirit.

Unlike the common misconceptions of Pilates being for women,  Pilates was first and foremost developed for Men. Joseph Pilates drew  from his expertise of being a boxer and self defence trainer and created a system of exercises with the male body in mind.

Pilates- whether its on the mat or the reformer apparatus should be a rigorous workout and not just simply a ‘stretch class’- it should be focused, have dynamic movement and be energising.

Are all Pilates the same method?

There are many variances of Pilates each having different approaches to exercise and strengthening, some follow a more physio based approach which focuses more on rehabilitation. Others focus more on the relaxation and stretch, either way in both these instances the repertoire are modified or/and incomplete. At Authentic Pilates Studio we  teach the Traditional Method that Joseph Pilates developed. Our particular method is called ‘Romana’s Pilates Method ™ because it was Romana Kryzanowska who carried on and maintained the Pilates Method after Joseph Pilates death. In the Traditional Method exercises may be modified due to level of strength or injury, however the full system and repertoire without modification is the ultimate goal.

What are Generational Instructors and the significance of Lineage?

Unlike many of the variances of Pilates, all True Pilates and Classical Pilates instructors are ‘Generational’ instructors. This means our training can be traced back to Joseph Pilates himself. Joseph’s first teachers/ pupils  were Romana Kryzanowska, Jay Grimes, Kathy Grant and Ron Fletcher…to name a few. They are considered ‘elders’ and 1st Generation instructors. All instructors of the True and Classical Method can be traced to one of these four ‘elders’.
The significance and importance of ‘lineage’ ensures the purity and high standard of the work.