The importance of Pilates technique

Pilates demonstration of true Strength, Coordination and Control stems from technique in its strength work and precision. It is more than just being on a reformer, moving the body and cracking a sweat.


The most obvious benefit of having good Pilates technique


– More precision therefore better execution of exercises

– Faster progression and results of strength training and conditioning

– Faster recovery from injury

– Better proprioception (body awareness)

– Better movement quality

– More focus

Many Pilates studios have sacrificed the integrity of the Pilates method to offer Pilates circuit group classes — this diminishes the understanding and hence the essence and real benefits of Pilates. Pilates is not just aerobic exercise on the reformer, Pilates offers so much more to the body and Mind when done properly and we are a huge advocate of this ideology at the studio. We invite you to come and try the difference

The Pilates method comprises six elements

– Concentration

– Centering

– Control

– Precision

– Flowing Movements

– Breathing